Publicação Científica: Peer-Review | International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media


The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media draws its contributions from academics and practitioner-researchers at the interface of new media technologies and performance.  It acts as a forum for critical scholarship, innovative practice, and creative pedagogy, addressing themes that may be domain-specific (e.g. theatre, dance, music, live art, computer science) or situated at the convergence of two or more disciplines.

The journal invites original, significant, and rigorous inquiry into all subjects within or across disciplines related to performance and digital media. It encourages debate and cross-disciplinary exchange across a broad range of approaches. The spectrum of topics include:

·        cultural mediatization
·        distributed non-linear performance
·        virtual/physical bodies
·        interactive performative installation
·       realtime music performance interfaces

These topics are addressed in full-length academic articles, critical statements on current issues, developmental practice, and reviews of books and live/media-based performances.

The journal presents an innovative platform for researchers, students, practitioners and educators to both learn from and contribute to the field. Furthermore, it allows software/hardware researchers and developers with an interest in the performance arts to be fully engaged in the critical debates surrounding their work.

All articles are subject to initial Editor screening and then a rigorous double-blind peer-review process before publication.

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