CALL FOR ENTRIES Print Awards 2020 Now Open

The PRINT RDA, originally the Regional Design Annual, then the Regional Design Awards, has long been a mainstay of the design industry. It’s been around since 1980, when longtime PRINT editor Martin (Marty) Fox launched it to spotlight the fact that amazing design wasn’t just happening in New York City—it was happening all around the country.

This year, we’re launching the new PRINT Awards, presented by Adobe Dimension, with a not-entirely-dissimilar goal: to spotlight the fact that design doesn’t just happen in U.S. hubs, but all around the world.

No matter where you live or where you work, we want to see your work.

… And so does our amazing panel of judges. Comprising cutting-edge creatives from the U.S. and the international scene, they represent the best minds in the industry, and will be judging categories intimately tied to their areas of expertise.
More jury members to be announced
As for those categories: No matter what type of work you create, from book covers to websites to custom type to student work to architecture, there’s a place for it in the PRINT Awards. We’re also unveiling two exclusive new categories that are free to enter: The Adobe Dimension Design Award, highlighting amazing 3D output created with Adobe Dimension, and the PRINT Citizen Design Award, honoring work created around vital social causes.
Ultimately, the best design wins the day—not to mention publication on PRINT, promotion to our engaged audience of more than 1 million, exclusive trophies, custom awards certificates designed and signed by Debbie Millman, and more.

Head to the official PRINT Awards microsite to discover the jury and all the rest of the details.

For the first time, we’re proud to say that no matter where you call home, we can’t wait to see and celebrate your work. LEARN MORE
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